Thursday, September 20, 2007

Know Your P.A. - Bend Sinister (Vancouver) - September 29th @ Phog

The parts of Bend Sinister became a whole in 2001. After tweaking their line-up to construct the perfect ensemble, the young band is ready to take the Canadian music scene by storm. They’ve just wrapped up their first cross country tour to promote their debut album Through the Broken City (Storyboard Label), and have been receiving rave reviews.

Bend Sinister’s music has taken the best elements of seventies prog and modern independent rock, and twisted them into something fresh that is pop pleasure on the surface and a challenging rhythmic, melodic puzzle under closer examination. With their definitive sound and commanding stage presence it’s no wonder they have been receiving such praise for what they love most. As Hamilton’s View Weekly states: “ Through the Broken City…is an epic, minor masterpiece…the band displays strong songwriting skills, excellent musicianship and enough oomph in their arrangements that the album is an interesting listen from beginning to end.” With such positive sentiments echoed in press across the country, the masses are beginning to sit up and take notice.

Also, CBC Radio 3 is joining Bend Sinister on this national who knows who's coming to this party?


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