Thursday, September 20, 2007

Know Your P.A. - Yellow Wood (Windsor) - September 29th @ Phog

From Yellow Wood's Myspace page:
"Yellow Wood music means elaborate arrangements, sonic exploration, poignant lyrics and strong melody rooted in carefully crafted songs. We despise insincerity, arrogance, and defensive irony. There is hopefully none of that here, but instead honest vulnerability, hope, hate and love. We want to move you. - AR, December 2006"

"Welcome to Yellow Wood, the collective expression of three restless twenty-somethings: the brothers-Rideout (Adam and Matthew James) joined by Windsor music stalwart, R. Mathew Fields (Riverfront Ensemble, Full White Drag). We make music with rock band instruments, laptops, lyrics, and a penchant for the grand. We are from Windsor, Ontario, Canada (industrial border town, baby-sister city to Detroit, Michigan), though geography does little to indicate our sound. We want to move you."


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