Monday, September 10, 2007

Upcoming Shows...needing help...

I wrote a while back that I would list all of the upcoming shows without support from local bands.
Thus, local bands can see the blanks and say, "Hey, we should play that." If you get back to me about it before someone else...there's a good chance you'll be on the bill.

So, here are the shows WITHOUT local support.
Rocktober 2nd - The Details (Winnipeg)
Rocktober 7th - National Monument (Winnipeg) wsg Silent Seymour (Toronto)
Rocktober 9th - The Cape May (Calgary)
Rocktober 25th - The Mohawk Lodge (Vancouver) wsg Octoberman (Vancouver)
November 2nd - The Dudes (Calgary)
November 9th - Go Ghetto, Tiger (Vancouver)
November 10th - Les Kilt (Toronto)

So, those are the shows that need help.
They are all incredible bands...and I suspect there will be a race to secure these dates...but these bands are just a sprinkling of what we have in store.


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