Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Windsor Live Music: All The King's Horses (Saskatoon) at Phog on Wednesday

All The King's Horses' CD arrived in the mail recently.
I put it in and listened. It was awesome!
I checked to see if I had the right CD, as the first track sounded like it was a favourite of mine...like something I had listened to a BUNCH of times before. I thought I was playing a CD from a band I loved, but had neglected for a while.

The track I speak of is Bonds.
Which you can listen to if you go to this link.

Anyone wise enough to attend this mildly priced show ($3), will be more than pleased by this performance.
I am a little bummed out that I have Detroit tigers tickets to a night game.
Seriously, this band is pretty damn great. And they're from Saskatoon! A city that has yet to disappoint us, sending Windsor top quality musicians, performers, and personalities.


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