Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Menomena blows my mind with another two videos...

These Menomena buggers have done it again.
This is totally worth your time.
Somehow, they are taking their incredibly unique music and getting incredibly unique video to fit .
I have found YET ANOTHER stunning piece of video, apparantly filmed in a small plaza in the middle of Paris this summer.

It is amazing, and the last two minutes with the children is out-of-this-world!
All I have to say about the kids is...that little boy has better rhythm than most of my patrons.
I'm not kidding.
Check out his timing!

And at the end of the first video, you will see that the sound equipment is nothing more than the Zoom H4 recorder that my wife bought me last Christmas. It is superb.

Hey, and believe it or not...I was an inch away from booking them to play Phog this Fall.
They will play Detroit, but have informed me that they will visit us before the evening show.
Anyone who wants a heads-up had better tell me.


At September 11, 2007 10:20 a.m. , Blogger James H. said...

Definitely send a heads up my way, please. I've been loving these guys ever since "I Am the Fun Blame Monster" came out. They have such a powerful and unique sound!


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