Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Windsor Live Music: The Perpetrators

I had this e-mail sent to me tonight, and attached were photos that The Perpetrators (Winnipeg) from the night they played at Phog. When did they play again? Oh yeah, the night we were robbed about a month ago! The PERPETRATORS played Phog the night we were ROBBED! Coincidence...
I thought these photos were pretty damn sweet, so I'm listing them.

Monday, June 12, 2006

The Phog Lounge Original T-Shirt Art Show - June 16th

Okay, to start with, if you make t-shirts, I've already been talking to you.
For those of you who are just interested in coming to see original works of art/t-shirts for sale...skip the next paragraph and go to the part about when the show is actually happening.

This two-week-long show begins June 16 at Phog Lounge. I invite all people interested in making an original t-shirt (be it silkscreen, iron-on, Sharpie Marker Drawing, Painting, etc.) to bring me their works BEFORE JUNE 21st because that is the night when ALL shirts are expected to be in. The sooner your shirt is turned in (preferably June 15th) the more bids your shirt will receive in the silent auction-sale-style. All shirts sold will be donating 30% of the highest bid (per shirt) to The Weekend to End Breast Cancer. The remaining 70% will go to the artist. All shirts MUST be originals or ONE-OFFS, meaning you are not allowed to recreate the same shirt again. You are selling an original. Get it?
There is no limit to the amount of shirts submitted, as long as they are each original.
Consider your audience. Phog goers like unique stuff, so don't make Mr. T (A-Team) shirts, or Napoleon Dynamite can get that shit anywhere.
There will be a grand prize given to the shirt that gets the highest bid in the entire show! There will also be a prize given to the person who contributes the highest bid during the show! No $3 increments on bids now...that'll just put you in second place. All money earned from the bids and all T-shirts that don't sell must be picked up by July 3rd or Phog will just keep the shirts and donate the money to the cause.
American Apparel will be sponsoring the event, providing a prize or series of prizes for the event. If you didn't know, they make the best, most comfortable shirts in the bloody world.

The Phog Lounge Original T-Shirt Art Show will be erected June 16th, but the reception night, June 21 (Wednesday) will include ALL of the shirts being sold. As you know, artists are unreliable and they need more time even though this show has been planned for 6 months.
The highest bidder on any given shirt will receive a prize at the end of the show!
The end of the show is 2AM June 30th at the end of the BIG fundraising night for the Weekend to End Breast Cancer. There is a Latin Night Theme with Salsa dancing and more. For tickets to this event, contact Tom at Phog. The event WILL be open to the public later in the evening, so even if you do NOT come to the event, you will be able to make last minute bids. At 2AM, June 30th, the highest bid on each card will be the winning bid! ALL payments and shirt pick-ups must be made by July 3.
American Apparel will be sponsoring the event, providing a prize or series of prizes for the event. If you didn't know, they make the best, most comfortable shirts in the bloody world.

Any Tom

In short, it is summer-time people! All your t-shirts are played-out and lame. Go out and get a NEW, ORIGINAL piece of artwork to call your clothing. Phog Lounge will be holding it.

Be like Brian Borcherdt... get a cool shirt.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Phog Lounge Featured on CBC Radio 3 Podcast!!

That's right folks, Grant Lawrence of the hugely popular CBC Radio 3 Podcast mentioned Phog Lounge twice in this most recent episode (55) of the podcast.
This show just celebrated its one year anniversary and their 2 millionth download!
This means that they have close to 40,000 subscribers. the largest music podcast in Canada! Give it a listen!

If you don't already, you should subscribe to this podcast. AND NO YOU DON'T NEED A iPod!! You can listen to the show on amy MP3 player or through iTunes on your computer. iTunes is a free download, where you get podcasts for free (99% of them) or you can buy music. CBC Radio 3's Podcast is free, and it showcases/plays the best in independant music in Canada. The thing that sets these guys apart though, is that they ACTUALLY know their stuff. They have it right. They play TONS of bands that tour Canada, making this country's music scene what it is...without Nickelback, without Sum 41, and without other dumpy overblown Candian performers.

Check it out. It's an awesome show, and they obviously know what they're talking about if they are calling Phog an excellent venue in Windsor!
The best part...we wwere featured because we (Sean Barry and Tom) recorded Sean doing an impression of Grant Lawrence's quirky speaking cadence. Grant e-mailed me asking if I could send him this nugget, and I jumped to his request...THEN I recorded Sean, and THEN I sent it to Radio 3 podcast. We waited, and Grant told me that we were too late. It would have to be aired on the next show. Well, it was certainly aired out to the hundreds (maybe thousands) of AMAZING bands and performers in Canada and we were actually chosen as stand-out winners of a Sirius Satellite Radio System! Phog will now be hooked up with all kinds of options for music, including the 24-hour CBC Radio 3 Station. We are watching our mailbox as we speak.

Even better, if you want to be true Phog fans, send these guys an e-mail to let them know how you feel about the music we lasso into Phog. Tell them they were correct to don some praise on this sleepy little music lounge in Windsor. E-mail them at


Thursday, June 08, 2006

Writing while half dead

I have had the unique experience of seeing two of the most enjoyable shows in recent memory.
First, Ten Year Drought playing during the perfectly-timed power outage that lasted 3 hours. As usual, the fans of this band, steadfast until the end, showed up, sat in the dark with a few candles, forced themselves to go to the bathroom in the dark, yelled at city workers passing by, and shut the hell up for the ONLY true acoustic set ever play at Phog.
They sounded SO DAMN GOOD with Matty Rideout playing percussion, with his parents visiting from Edmonton, that I HAD to take some video of the event. I have a clip I will eventually release at some point, and when I do, you'll want to watch the black and hear the gold...oooh, that was good.
Matt came to me later, saying that it speaks volumes about what Frank and I have done to see all these people in a stuffy, dark building, with no air conditioning, waiting for a show, and listening quietly while they played with no amplification. While Matt is sweet to say so, the praise belongs to all those who attended, to all those who attend on a regular basis, and to those who continue to support the local music scene. Thank you all.

And to add to that, we had the most unexpected, wonderful surprise when Henry Svec of Peter Mansbridge and the CBCs came to visit. His music was so Sackville, NB infused, that it was like Julie Doiron was in his brain...making his move, strum the electric guitar, and sing. It was one of the most abysmal turnouts for a show...including the opener (who I think forgot the show or mixed up the dates)...but which turned out to be a very appreciative crowd. Tara Watts, visiting for a beer, was invited to take the opening slot, without practice, and without her guitar. She really never performs with an electric while solo...that is SO Julie Doiron it's sick...and she did it anyway. She was magnificent, for the 7 people who were there. It was great practice for her, and maybe a revelation that she should seriously consider playing solo with an electric guitar. She strummed, sans pick, and destroyed what our expectations were. I couldn't be more thankful toward her for playing last second. Henry, on the other hand, was respectful, interesting, and genuine. He was a pleasure to interview (for the upcoming Phogcasts) and to talk with in general. I cannot wait to have him back soon. Someone will be very lucky to win one of his CDs in a prize pack for something in the future. For those of you that were lured by the all-important (bullshit) Game 2 of the "Something-Cup Finals", you missed a gem.

Henry Svec

Tara Watts with electric

Hope to see you out for the upcoming shows. They look solid. Check the updates website for details.