Saturday, September 26, 2009

Humanities Research Group - "Philosophy And The City"

On Tuesday, September 22nd we held an event at Phog.
It was organized by Stephen Pender of the University of Windsor Humanities Research Group. The event, Philosophy And The City, was designed to bring people together to discuss the way the city works, doesn't work, and how we envision our future together.

Jeff Noonan (Philosophy, The University of Windsor), Justin Langlois (Broken City Lab), Melinda Munro (City of Windsor), and myself were "panelists" in the very open forum discussion taking place. In fact, I was holding my post behind the bar, tending to the needs of the customer, and hopefully adding an answer here and there to help move the discussion.

Of course, I live streamed the event.
And I also archived it online.
For you.
So if you want to take the time to listen to the discussion (the parts that are audible), please do so below.


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