Sunday, September 06, 2009

Wax Mannequin and company will conquer...

One thing to understand about this show is that Wax Mannequin (Chris Adeney) is one of the nicest, most pensive people I've ever met.

He is truly a man living outside of his art, yet FULLY submersing himself in his creations when on-stage. The transformation is unlike any other performer who comes to Phog. Yes, some people put on costumes and make-up...or they wear the costume they wear every day, the musician's costume, but they do not do a 180 degree turn like Chris/Wax.

When Chris becomes Wax, well, it's transformative to more than just him. Onlookers see the vein in his forehead start to pulse, and as he rocks back and forth toward the microphone, one wonders what he's bound to do.

This show coming up on Tuesday will be phenomenally up-tempo, fiery, and memorable, as Wax Mannequin brings a band supposedly from Cuba (Popeye's Golden Theory), and is joined by the local powerhouse Bulletproof Tiger.

The Cubans look terrifying if I found their videos properly on Youtube. Giant cardboard masks etc. are tantamount to me having nightmares after the show, but having some ethnicity in our midst is a hell of a prospect! I was asked sardonically online if it was illegal for Americans to come and watch/listen to this band (especially to PAY them). Nice. I liked that.

Bulletproof Tiger will be bringing bigtime heat to support this show.
The boys seem genuinely keen on seeing/hearing Wax's crew unload in a full-band mix that is rarely gifted us.

Do you need another reason?
The cover charge will be $7 at the door.
If you could take ten minutes out of your day between now and Tuesday to come get a ticket in ADVANCE, it will cost you $5.
And for that matter, if you are wanting to be made aware of these shows sooner, join the Phog Lounge Facebook group.


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