Wednesday, August 26, 2009

This weekend (August 29th & 30th) Lonesome Lefty, Make Me Young!, and The Lesson

This Friday, Lonesome Lefty comes back to Phog, with his freshly broken (left) leg.
It's an acoustic set being performed this time, with the full band coming back to perform some time in October (or sooner).
For Lonesome Lefty goodness, come out on Friday night.

Saturday night is one I'm hoping to be back from vacation for...because it's going to be awesome.
Make Me Young!, a band from Toronto (with founding member Jay Merrow from Windsor), is one of the most dynamic bands I've heard in a WHILE. They played FAM Fest last year and shocked me. They were unpredictable, energetic, and exuded something I don't often see.
I'm thrilled to finally have them booked at Phog again, but I cringe at the thought that I might miss them due to vacation.

Make Me Young! is coming with The Lesson, a Toronto act, which is a band who will fit in quite well with the local listeners, I'm sure.
My advice is to check them out online first, and then go see them live on Saturday night.


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