Thursday, March 20, 2008

Want some Holy Fuck news?

Our good pal, Mr. Brian Borcherdt was just at SXSW with his boys.
They were at the most surreal party of the event...the Rachel Ray afterparty jam, where The Stills, among others played to an impressed crowd of listeners.

Subsequently, it was overheard that Lou Reed, of the prolific Velvet Underground said that Holy Fuck was his favourite band of the festival, and is currently his favourite band!
Holy F*!%#! That's no small accomplishment!
Read the Radio 3 article here.

Anyway, the gorilla vs bear blog has finally gotten onto the bandwagon and has a sweet link that you should check out. There's a link to a site that recirded an entire live set that you can download for free! Hello!

Go get it here.
Or click on the Awesomelink.


At March 22, 2008 10:50 a.m. , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thursday nite at the Phog was absolutely awesome! Alan Penner and Greg Cox are indeed guitar geniuses, followed by those gifted musicians The Sunparlour Players and their lead everything, Andrew Penner. Great raffle idea, too!!! Bring more mustard!!!!!!! Kudos Phog!!! Keep 'em comin'! Get these groups down more often. Make it worth their while!!!! Fantastic show, fearsome vibes!!!! Sister "M"


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