Sunday, March 16, 2008

Windsor Live Music: Ain't Patrick's Day Monday at Phog

We have an extremely full bill for Ain't Patrick's Day instead of Open Mic Night.

However, Tara Watts will be playing the evening!
The band I could not say not to was The D'Ubervilles (Oshawa) after having heard their samples on their myspace, and having watched them on a sweet indie music video podcast.
The D'Urbervilles are bringing a band called Fox Jaws (Barrie) whose samples sounded wicked.
Also, one of our stand-out open mic performers (Cory) who does a unique "tapping" style of guitar playing mixed with traditional playing, HAS A BAND version of this stuff.
The band is simply called ".D"
They will likely be playing second in the evening...which will be at ?:?? o'clock.

So get there before too late.
Since there are 4 performers, things will likely start earlier than usual.

I'm pretty fired up for this one.


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