Friday, March 14, 2008

Windsor Live Music: Flashbulb (Chicago) w/ Perilelle, Furs, and Kero March 23rd (A SUNDAY!)

The Flashbulb ( blends drum & bass rhythms with classical guitar methods to create sounds comparable to Aphex Twin meets Atari rocker!! He runs the label Aphabasic out of Chicago which features artists such as Richard Devine and Wisp and is currently touring to promote his new album Soundtrack to a Vacant Life -- here's a partial review: "The guy's likely bipolar, and it shows - lush full ideas progressing to a different sort of rational."

He moves in both independent and commercial circles -- his music is featured in advertisements for Dove's Campaign for Real Beauty (which was nominated at Cannes for best commercial campaign)and he was just featured in an article for Canada's National Post about pirating music:

In 2005 he toured with Dillinger Escape Plan and has been recently collaborating with Ben Weinman from the group on various creative projects to diversify his sound and audience.

Performing live with local electronica heavyweights Kero, Furs and Perilelle, The Flashbulb appears with a multilayered cake of electronica & rock.


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