Monday, October 08, 2007

Windsor Live Music: The Cape May (Calgary) wsg Jon McKiel (Halifax) & What Seas, What Shores are going to destroy on Tuesday October 9th!

Holy Crap! The Cape May (Calgary) is coming Tuesday.
They're bringing Jon McKiel's band (Halifax) and they're welcoming What Seas, What Shores to play with them. A perfect fit. For a band bio of The Cape May, click HERE.

The Cape May have played with Grizzly Bear, Patrick Watson, The Constantines, and The Weakerthans. Nuts!
Above: The Cape May
The Cape May played Phog a long time ago, and ever since that Sunday night show, with only 20 people present, they unleashed a deluge of incredible style and music onto the generally unsuspecting crowd.

I have been asking them to come back, roughly every six months, because they were one of my favourite bands over the past three years.

If I had the opportunity, I would not hesitate to book them for the P.A. Music Festival. They are an amazing representation of how strong the music scene is in the West.
Above: Jon McKiel

For some reviews of The Cape May, hit some of these links below.
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