Monday, October 03, 2005

Update! Deal With It!

Yes, I'm updating the phog blog.

You see, since Frank took a day-job during the week, most of my typing time is spent sleeping, shopping, or booking shows. It's been a steady diet of wanting to make new t-shirts, and then eventually getting someone (Will) to show up and coax me to actually make them.

If you haven't noticed, there have been several changes at Phog (all for the better).

The Yellow Wood boys left for the East and returned with our newest wall hanging, "Travel of Egg", not "Travel of the Egg". It's just "Travel of Egg". Read the placard. Thanks again guys.
Phog has seen some wicked shows since my last post. The High Dials, Brian Borcherdt, The Ride Theory, Mahogany Frog wsg BendSinister, Octoberman, My Soft Frequency, Kelly and the Kellygirls, Square Root of Margaret (2) and many more.High Dials sitar action!

Speaking of Brian Borcherdt. Look for this clown in every damn Canadian publication. He's everywhere. His noise/freeforall/ambient/electonic band Holy Fuck is getting tons of press. Look for him in this month's Exclaim Magazine near the back of the issue.
Brian played Phog on his BIRTHDAY and we are endlessly flattered that he would even consider us for that show.

This is Jamie Waldron (Measured in Angles) holding up his new Phog shirt. Ironically, this image is the New Orleans' Police Department logo, as New Orleans is known as the Crescent City. I made the image for another friend (Jeff Kerr) many months ago because he was moving there. Now I slap a Phog logo on the front, and it looks sweet. The white shirt is the newest prototype for photo-emulsion screening that I have finally begun doing! I can make anything now! (Insert evil genius laugh here).

Dan Misener has left Windsor. We miss him. He is now doing what he does best in Toronto...making creative "sound bites" for radio programs here and there...and he's busy throwing "Seven Ounce Martini" parties. Actually, The Seven Ounce Martini Party was a painful success, and there are likely to be more. Hopefully he can reprise his role of Party HOST when he comes to visit us again shortly.

This is here because Juliana would want it here. End of story.
Not a bad shot for a self portrait.

Found this bastard on the ceiling. I couldn't bother with it. Priscilla took care of it, getting a glass around it and ushering it outside. I took a few quick shots, and then the creature had to endure a full fledged photo shoot from a couple of cameras. Women and their bugs, eh?

Oh, and speaking of ceilings, the smoke eater has finally been repaired by Bradford with some help from Dean. With John-Bill's help, we installed it recently. We decided to remove it the night of the large storm early last week, when all the power went out (pictured above) and it has been getting new bits ever since. Now it is in the ceiling again, sucking more smoke than Frank on a bad night. Thanks Bradford!

Yes, the booth is gone! The front booth had to go to make room for the bands. This took almost a year of coaxing from Ryan Fields, but it is gone. Now the bands can overflow onto the floor and be closer to the bar for refreshments. Andrew is demonstrating how to turn your back on a band member trying to impress you. Turn your back, put your feet up on some stools, and make a "Anyone-who-wears-colour-is-crying-for-attention-face".

Oh, BobArt...