Saturday, October 24, 2009

Rah Rah (Regina) w/ Stereo Goes Stellar play Phog Tuesday, October 27th

Rah Rah is just one of those bands.
Rock/Pop/Indie perfection. They make people dance with almost every song they perform.

You find yourself singing their songs while doing chores or driving around town. They are a six-piece, energetic, friendly, fun group, and they have made two big impressions to two small crowds.

Let's show them how Windsor enjoys its music community by coming out to this one and supporting this AMAZING band coming all the way from Regina, Saskatchewan!

As if you needed another reason, Stereo Goes Stellar, local darlings, will be joining the bill, representing the performers of Windsor as good as anyone could ever hope. I'm super excited to see both of these bands on Tuesday.

Use this link below to see some live video action of the last time Rah Rah played Phog.

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