Thursday, January 31, 2008

Windsor Live Music: Phog shows upcoming

Phog has some stuff happening:
Friday Feb. 1 - The Greg Cox Roots Combo
The Greg Cox Roots Combo: Greg Cox is a guitarist of many suits and his group serves up even portions of early jazz, ragtime, delta blues, swing, jump blues, and bebop. Take a tour through the evolution of the guitar and its ascension to the frontlines as a mainstay instrument in 20th century popular music. Joined by musicians well versed in multiple idioms, Greg recreates seminal guitar playing to the letter. Beginning with 1920’s pioneer plectrist Nick Lucas, and moving gracefully through the styles of some of the mythic figures of early guitar: Skip James, Reverend Gary Davis, Blind Blake, Robert Johnson and Django Reinhardt. Acknowledging the rise of the electric guitar in the 1940’s, Greg Cox and band summon the voices of Charlie Christian, T-Bone Walker, and Hank Garland. Rhythm and blues, soul, country, gospel, and rock and roll all factor into the mix as The Greg Cox Roots Combo put their personal stamp on the genesis of modern music.

Saturday Feb. 2 - Wax Mannequin (Hamilton) wsg B.A. Johnston (Hamilton) & Cottonfoot (Kirkland Lake)
If you don't know about Wax or B.A., it is basically a ball of madness. There's funny, and scary, and intese, and ferocity, and most importantly...rock.


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