Thursday, July 19, 2007

Windsor Live Music: Steve Ward's Scattered Jazz Trio, or Quartet, or Quintet...

Windsor's Jazz trombone aficionado has been fronting a jazz group at Phog Lounge every Thursday from 5pm until 8pm (happy hours) and the result has been fascinating.

I know that many people who would enjoy this early-timed performance (the people who cannot get out to late evening shows) do not know about it yet.

So, here you go. Tell your friends that like live, stunning jazz ensembles about this day-gig.
There are many familiar faces from Hula Dog who show up and play a few songs here and there...but the group is always making itself maleable whether it be musically or just physically fitting on stage.

Come see them.
They're here EVERY THURSDAY 5PM-8PM.


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