Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Windsor Live Music: Nick Zubeck...why you'll love him.

Nick Zubeck, if any of you remember, played Phog with Barzin during his first visit.
Barzin had the slow, smooth appeal and as he slayed everyone in the room, we had no idea that Zubeck was on deck. We were unaware of exactly what we were in for.

Nick's website describes his music better than I ever will.
"A consistent emphasis on lush, delicately layered textures, a unique style of guitar-playing and songwriting, and captivating performances are some of the hallmarks of the music of Nick Zubeck.

He began studying music at the age of six at The Humber Community Music school, learning piano, theory, and ensemble playing. As an adolescent he took on the guitar as a second instrument and quickly discovered a true resonance with the instrument. He went on to study jazz guitar and arranging at the Humber College Jazz Program, before embarking on a career as a songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer.

He has released two recordings under his own name and has contributed regularly to a diversity of musical projects including work with Polmo Polpo, Great Lake Swimmers, The Lavender Gloom, and Barzin among others. Nick has been an active performer for years and has toured Europe with Polmo Polpo in 2004, and with Barzin in 2006.

His current live band, Seahorse, consists of double-bassist Darren Wall (who has performed with Wynton Marsalis and Harry Pickens), drummer Marshall Bureau (A Northern Chorus, Erika Werry), and keyboardist Robbie Grunwald (Andrew Rodriguez, Everything All The Time, The Lavender Gloom)."


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