Friday, March 16, 2007

Windsor Live Music: The Creeping Nobodies coming Saturday, March 17th

Final Fantasy (Owen Pallett), who won the Polaris prize this year for best album in Canada, has been quoted as saying that The Creeping Nobodies are his favourite band. They are his record label. Blocks.
They hit Phog this Saturday night...tomorrow...or today...depending on when you read this.
This band's sound has been compared to greats such as The Pixies. Come and see why they have hype.

The Creeping Nobodies roll into Phog Saturday night with their friends, Anagram. Both bands, hailing from Toronto, have played Phog before, and they did so without much promotion...and the crowd didn't budge. These bands have a lot of stage presence, and while performing, they inadvertantly demand attention.


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