Thursday, March 15, 2007

Windsor Live Music: Big Night Thursday at Phog Lounge!

These three will be setting a mood that rarely graces the air of Phog Lounge.
Twilight Hotel (Winnipeg) with Karyn Ellis (Toronto) and Windsor's own The Hung Jury will be the performers this evening...Thursday Night.

If you look them up, you will know how great they are...if you don't, let me tell you, they're great. Twilight Hotel, alone, opened up the P.A. Music Festival at Phog last September, and we have been anxiously waiting for them to return ever since.

Come out and enjoy a beer, some tea or coffee, maybe a juice...whatever you order, it won't be served up nearly as well as the music.


At March 16, 2007 10:27 a.m. , Blogger Matt said...

Next Saturday (March 24) the Institute for Liberal Studies is hosting the second annual Windsor Liberty Seminar at the U.

A bunch of us will be heading to Phog to catch Lindy for our unofficial after party.

If you're interested in attending the seminar check out


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