Thursday, February 22, 2007

Windsor Live Music: Friday March 2nd...QR5 wsg Perilelle

Once again, a band coming to Phog is getting loads of press and respect.
CBC Radio 3 has once again covered one of our shows...
Here's the article:
A name can be very deceiving.

When I first saw Qr5 on R3's playlist, I immediately assumed that they were an electronica artist.


Based in a traditional, folky sound, Qr5 is actually quite difficult to pin down and label. "Revisitied Gone" has a wonderful, airy ska feel to it - but not an aggressive stomp-ska vibe. More of a Stewart Copleand-y thing. Some of their stuff is augmented with drum loops, too. It never loses its organic roots, though.

Ben Bootsma and Matthew Maaskant have worked together for a decade on soundtrack and production projects and Qr5 retains that sense of the visual, even if the lyrics are a little "eclectic".

Their song, "Dreams", is currently on The R3-30. It's a great song, too. I didn't choose that one for my Track of the Day because you've all heard it because you all listen to The R3-30, right?



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