Sunday, August 07, 2005

Phog Blog tips hat to D-Town Rock

Well, they crushed all of us.
The High Strung were stars this Saturday night in Windsor, which left a pile of people impressed. It's not the easiest thing, serving drinks while bouncing to music you usually listen to on the stereo while it's being blasted live.
A number of people were impressed with the show these boys put on, standing with grins and gins, mouth agape, watching women dance in front of the rumbling band.
The music wasn't for everyone, but even those who aren't a fan of the genre appreciated the incredible effort these guys squeeze out each time they play.

A nice inside piece of info involves the Josh (guitar and lead vocals) trying to get Ted, the Greek parking attendant to recognize his friends when they pulled in. "OK, there's going to be a stunning blonde, absolutely gorgeous, incredible, and she'll be with a girl wearing almost nothing, very little. Also, there's going to be a Filipino boy with them. They'll be in a Volkswagan Bug, you know the bug?" Josh said carefully, looking for confirmation of absorbed information. Ted just nodded and pointed his glowing orange baton saying, "They're coming here? They tell me who they are?" Josh looked at me and said, "Oh yeah, and when you open up the trunk there's a severed hand, and it'll wave at you," hoping to see if Ted's reply would change, which it didn't. "They tell me who they are?" It was worth a good laugh.

We are looking forward to The High Strung's new album coming out in September (27th). We're going to try to have them back sometime near Thanksgiving before they disappear on tour for another forever. A nice CD release party for the High Strung should be outstanding. Be forewarned.

This is what Sean thinks of Gus and Sergio's job in the back of the building (pulling the shelves down). He also gives me this look when I tell him that I dont think today is Bob Seger day. He retorts with, "Be a man today."

And lastly, I figured I'd take it upon myself to uncover the identity of the only other guest blogger we've had so far, trailer park Paul. This is an image I shot of Darren, Paul and myself a week or so ago. Frank would have taken it if he wasn't busy saying, "Noodles." Maybe he wouldn't have done it then either. He's not exactly a media swinger, but he can grow a goatee like nobody's business.

Talk Soon.


At August 09, 2005 12:28 p.m. , Anonymous trailerparkpaul said...

Just wanted to confirm that the High Strung show was even better than expected--if this isn't the hardest working band in show business I don't know who is! They rocked their asses off for a solid hour-and-a-half, with energy to spare! Anyone who was there knows where I'm coming from. Good job, Phog!


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