Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Julie Doiron return on July 22nd with The Baird Brothers

Julie Doiron is one of the best people in Canadian indie music. She's a sweetheart that gives, and gives, and gives.
And when she played here weeks ago, I begged her to come back, she obliged, and scheduled this gig.

The Baird Brothers, who accompanied her last time, will return, and play a set of their own.

These dudes played with Shotgun Jimmie last year, and a week later, I went to see Feist at The Fillmore in Detroit, and they were playing bass and drums for HER.

This duo is ultra talented and uber-friendly. Love having this crew down to Phog.

Come see them play.

Tickets will pre-sell for $7, or they will be $10 at the door.

You choose.
This show STARTS AT 9PM!!!!!

Enjoy some more videos of Julie when she played Phog last.
This is the same set-up she'll have this time too.

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