Thursday, May 28, 2009

Steelback Beer is renewed...and at Phog

I don't know if you remember the OLD Steelback Brewery...
The ridiculous ads, the owner trying to be the face of the company...the plastic bottles the beer came in...yikers.

Wipe that slate clean.
Things are very different now.

We're carrying the Steelback Red Maple on tap NOW!
Gone are the days of cheesy ads and plastic bottles.
Phog happily presents the new beer that reminds Tom of Maple Crisp ice cream from Laura Secord.
That first scent, the whiff, when you place your nose over the glass, you get the sweet maple scent that makes your mouth water. Then the beer hits the tongue and doesn't disappoint.
Sweet, mapley goodness.

Come try some!!

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