Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Windsor/Detroit Live Music: Immaculate Machine (Victoria) play Phog Wednesday, April 29th

Yes, Immaculate Machine is playing Phog Wednesday April 29th.
To do a nice little favour for all the show-going nuts, Phog is going to make it a cheap-pint night.
$4.50 for pints...for the folks willing to pay the pint-sized cover charge for an amazing Canadian band.

The last time they were in town, they played at The Avalon Front, and I heard they were loved.
Jamie Greer recently blogged about them on his blog - www.jamiesgreer.blogspot.com - and had this to say:
"Victoria's Immaculate Machine has been quietly bubbling over on the indie music scene, thanks to the success of 2007's album Fables, that lead to collaborations with members of The New Pornographers, Franz Ferdinand and The Cribs. The fact that one of Immaculate Machines' members - Kathryn Calder - is also a member of The New Pornographers (and head Pornographer A.C. Newman's neice) has also helped. Their currently touring to promote their latest offering, High on Jackson Hill."

Come out to an awesome show.

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