Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Windsor Detroit/Live Music & Art: Black Kettle Bistro

Friend of Phog, Rino Bortolin, has been running Black Kettle Bistro, located at 357 Ouellette Avenue (the old Quizno's) for a while.

He has recently placed a focus on supporting the arts, musicians, photographers, and the like.
One problem, they don't know he's looking for them (you).

Rino wants you to simply get a hold of him, and let him know who you are, what your artwork is...and if you're willing to show your stuff in his soup and sandwich shop.

They provide for a breakfast crowd, a huge lunch crowd, and a growing after-hours crowd...most of whom are not frequent visitors of the usual art haunts. It's a fantastic opportunity to grow your personal web of art buyers and contacts...from people who work downtown during the day!

I think you (as an artist reading this) would be silly to not e-mail Rino to take advantage of this.

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