Thursday, May 29, 2008

Windsor Live Music: Arctic playing Saturday with A Welcome Breeze

If you are the kind of person who doesn't necessarily like having their brain jostled around in your head when you see a live show, you may wont to come out to Phog Saturday night to see Arctic and A Welcome Breeze.

A Welcome Breeze is a band from Windsor, you will recognize him from his days with Bloemfontein. As always, his music is contemplative and mesmerizing.

Also coming is Arctic, the fantastic Vancouver band who I am excited to have weaving a yarn of soothing sounds, something I have been craving for some time.

From the Arctic website:
"Always seeking contrast, ARCTIC is still sometimes a solo project, sometimes a full band, never exactly the same from one show to the next. In either form it combines diverse influences in unexpected ways: progressive rock, jazz, industrial rock merge with ambient textures and acoustic singer/songwriter melodies to create something fresh, unconventional and intriguing."


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