Saturday, October 27, 2007

Hey, we're happy...

It seems that people are confused over a message intended to inform.

We have been overly blessed by our amazing customers for a long time.
October was the culmination of that support, seeing new faces, and seeing familiar faces over and over again, watching the support for the live music scene to be incredible.

I am proud of our customers.
I am grateful and thankful to have such dedicated folks coming to see bands.


We have asked too much from you recently.
Too many shows.
Not enough nights off...FOR you can just come in, sit down with a friend, and talk.

The changes we are making are a PLUS. The nights will be designed to welcome more people who won't be obligated to pay to get through the door.

That's all.
That's the message.

I know you're all used to me whining, but this time, those of you who obvilously read my message in the wrong spirit, are mistaken. Read our "Goodbye Rocktober" post again, and understand that we are moving into a new format that is meant to benefit those who have been trying to tell us "too many shows!" for a long time.

We're listening. We listened! See!? We know you're smarter than us!

Frank and Tom are ecstatic to have the schedule changing in favour of stronger shows, and more personable weekdays.
Get it?
Got it?

I look forward to seeing you again!!!

Windsor Live Music: The Dudes (Calgary) wsg Wax Mannequin (Hamilton) Friday, November 2nd

Honestly, this show is too stupid to describe.
These are simply two of my (Tom) favourite live acts I have ever seen.
People tease me because I overdo my impressions of Wax Mannequin on stage, intensely staring into the void, leaning into the microphone, blowing people away with his Rockness.

The Dudes have a pile of rock anthems that are so infectious, people are singing them for days after hearing them over our stereo. These guys killed Windsor the last time (first time) they played, following Lindy, and a Lindy-loving crowd. They were sonically majestic. Rock Royalty.

You are a moron if you miss this show.
I said it. I never say that. But I just did.
If you don't come, you're an idiot.

Go check them out and make sure you see them Friday November 2nd.
You will thank me.

CJAM Pledge Night Saturday

I don't know if anyone realizes just how important CJAM has been to Phog.
Most times I turn on the station, someone is playing, interviewing, or honouring a band that is coming to Phog, and they are mentioning our place by name...
This is beyond what any music venue could ask for from one of the best community radio stations in the country.
CJAM is having a pledge drive currently, and there is still time to donate to the station, which needs money badly for new technology.
You can donate through or you can call 519.971.3630 and offer some coin.
I have already donated and recieved some awesome swag from the station, and I tip my cap to whoever ordered this stuff. it looks and feels great to wear.

On Saturday night, we have What Seas, What Shores and James O-L playing, in order to raise money for CJAM on their second-last day of fundraising.

Come support. If you can.

Windsor Live Music: Goodbye Rocktober

October marked the end of an over-the-top style of booking shows at Phog.
No longer will there be too much to handle during the week.
You want a drink during the week, and don't want to have to pay for or sit through live music? Now you can.

The main concentration of live music shows will be planned to occur on Fridays and Saturdays.
We have been booking every bloody day of the week.
No more.
Sunday to Thursday, the only music to be had is Monday Open Mic Surgery = FREE
Thursday's Jazz Quintet from 6pm-9pm = FREE

November holds the memory of Rocktober passed, and years of show happening night after night after night are over.

Now, the weekends will hold beefed-up shows with sometimes-bigger line-ups, and shows beginning earlier in order to fit everything into the night.

That said, look for the shows, as there will be fewer, better shows to choose from...

Friday, October 26, 2007

Windsor Live Music: Square Root of Margaret CD Release Party Friday October 26th wsg Michou and Eric Welton

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Just for information's sake, the new CD, Teragram Photeur, is insanely good!
Po Kadot, the lead singer of the band, dropped one off for Phog weeks ago, and I have been playing the album almost as much as The Mohawk Lodge and Octoberman discs.

Come see them. But more importantly, buy a CD.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Windsor Live Music: Mohawk Lodge (Vancouver) wsg Octoberman (Vancouver) play Phog Thursday October 24th

On Thursday, the bands responsible for the two CDs I've been playing tirelessly for months are coming.
Mohawk Lodge (Vancouver) and Octoberman (Vancouver) are coming as part of a CBC Radio 3 sponsored tour.
This night is going to be extremely fun...
They have been featured on Radio 3 recently, recounting experiences on the road, and this show will hopefully be made one to remember thanks to the attendance of those reading this.
Trust me, as I've said before, this will be a gem.

Story about the tour, from the CBC Radio 3 blog at
By Jennifer Van Evra

Mohawk Lodge Prepares For Marathon Tour With Octoberman

Posted by Jennifer Van Evra on Oct 04, 2007

Cross-country tours are usually full of really bad food, too much booze, and not nearly enough sleep. But when the members of Mohawk Lodge hit the road with Octoberman for their CBC Radio 3 tour, they might just end up getting in shape.

"I told the band we're doing push-ups and sit-ups every second day, and everybody seemed in. So we'll see how far we get," says Mohawk Lodge singer and guitarist Ryder Havdale, who regularly does two sets of 60 push-ups and two sets of 100 ab crunches. "But I also work out a lot of beer cans. So it sort of balances out."

It's a good thing the band has been training, because they're about to run a musical marathon: from tomorrow until October 25, they're playing every single day - and on some days, they're playing twice. But Havdale isn't complaining.

"You actually feel like you're a musician on the road, because you're living for the music," he says from the world headquarters for his label, White Whale -- his Vancouver bachelor apartment. "Most people spend eight hours a day at some job, and maybe practice for an hour a day. On tour, it suddenly becomes a job rather than a hobby. So for a month, we're doing what we love."

The band is cruising across the country in their freshly acquired 1990 Dodge Ram Cruiser, which comes complete with a decent stereo, swivel seats and a bed. So far, they haven't decided on a name.

"Actually, our licence plate is CXM 696, so we were thinking about calling it the sex machine," says Havdale with a laugh. "And it's pretty close to you-know-who's number, so it's good in many ways."

Members of Mohawk Lodge and Octoberman have promised that between push-ups and swiveling around in the new van seats, they're going to send us regular blog posts from the road - Havdale says they might even record their daily jogs - so make sure to check back regularly.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Scout Blasts Off

I've seen a TON of shows in my short time downtown.
Scout Niblett sent me through a sensical gauntlet on Monday night.
Tara Watts opened the show perfectly, and set the tone for a few quiet, mousy tunes from Scout, including Dinosaur Egg (video down the page in a previous post).

This was the disarming part. Her simple, beautiful, plinky-plunky songs on her electric guitar gave a reminding sense to performances by Julie Doiron, but with an unyeilding voice. Nothing whispery. It was vocally powerful even when it was calm.

When Christian (Christmas) got behind the drums, even when he was tapping, the songs grew legs, and dug deeper into my musical memory, making the songs unheard, yet instantly re-recognizable favourites.
About three songs in, Scout blasted off with the nuttiest guitar work, making showgoers come and tell me, "This reminds me of all the great stuff about metal."
She was "givin' er'" as they say, finding a place to sing heavy-handed, sometimes growly lyrics that clashed so perfectly with the ripping guitar and slamming drums, I was forced to have a large grin, looking around for reaction from the crowd, which she got at the end of each song.

I'll tell you something...I cannot remember this many nights in one month where people are jarred by talent so huge that they are mute throughout the entire show.

I was beyond impressed with the performance, and supremely honoured that they played her only other Canadian dates (only 3 others) were in Toronto (tonight @ The Silver Dollar), Montreal, and Vancouver!!! She's playing The Knitting Factory in New York for crying out loud! And she played Phog! I feel very lucky, and now, we can look forward to her return after her European tour which goes until the end of the year.
For those of you who need convincing for shows, take my word for it, if you can make it out to her next it! Look her up online, listen to her stuff, and if you find yourself liking it, you will love the stripped down live show.

Windsor Live Music: Construction and Destruction with Baby Eagle & Shotgun Jimmie TONIGHT! (Tuesday October 23rd)

Tuesday October 23rd is when Construction and Destruction (Halifax) roll through with Baby Eagle (of The Constantines) and Shotgun Jimmie (of Shotgun and Jaybird).
This show alone, is a gargantuan amount of talent in one night. When David Trenaman used to come and play, he played under his own name, but now with his wife...they go by Construction and Destruction, and the new CD is marvelous. I cannot wait to hear them!
Above: Shotgun Jimmie taking aim
Above: Baby Eagle

Above: Construction and Destruction

Monday, October 22, 2007

Windsor Live Music: Square Root of Margaret CD Release Party Friday October 26th!

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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Windsor Live Music: Biggest Music Week in Phog's History?

Above: Mohawk Lodge

One would have to ask this question when seeing the line-up for this week.
"Is this the Biggest Music Week in Phog's History?"

Starting in November, shows will only be on Friday and Saturday with VERY FEW exceptions.
So, as many shows that are upcoming, there will be far fewer chances to see live music in two weeks. Sure, the shows in November and onward will be awesome line-ups, but they will happen only two nights per week.
Above: Craig Cardiff
Sunday, find us hosting some shockingly talented fellas, two of which have played Phog before, and one of which has only played two songs on an open mic night while passing through...
Craig Cardiff (Wakefield, PQ sitting in on some songs) will be playing with the amazing Pat Robitaille (with Kelly Hoppe) and Christian Masotti (as The Phonogarde).
Above: Pat Robitaille
When Cardiff played that open mic, so many months ago, the room, bloated with customers, calmed to a hush. No one made a sound as he played, as his voice demanded silence. He is unreal!
Scout Niblett is going to destroy on Monday October 22nd.
You just don't know it yet.
If you don't know who she is, find out while there's still time.
She toured with CAT POWER for Christ's sake! In fact, there are unavoidable similarities between the two of them.
So far as I can tell, the Portland, Oregonian has 10 albums to her name, 4 full length and 6 others...I think. Holy crapola, people...this woman has credentials!
It is rare that we get a treat like this.

What a Tuesday!
Tuesday October 23rd is when Construction and Destruction (Halifax) roll through with Baby Eagle (of The Constantines) and Shotgun Jimmie (of Shotgun and Jaybird).
This show alone, is a gargantuan amount of talent in one night. When David Trenaman used to come and play, he played under his own name, but now with his wife...they go by Construction and Destruction, and the new CD is marvelous. I cannot wait to hear them!
Above: Shotgun Jimmie taking aim
Above: Baby Eagle

Above: Construction and Destruction

And on Thursday, the bands responsible for the two CDs I've been playing tirelessly for months are coming. Mohawk Lodge (Vancouver) and Octoberman (Vancouver) are coming as part of a CBC Radio 3 sponsored tour.

Above: Octoberman

Remember folks, take advantage of Rocktober!! Starting in November, shows will only be on Friday and Saturday with VERY FEW exceptions.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Who the hell is Scout Niblett?!

Scout Niblett is going to destroy on Monday October 22nd.
You just don't know it yet.
If you don't know who she is, find out while there's still time.
She toured with CAT POWER for Christ's sake!
So far as I can tell, the Portland, Oregonian has 10 albums to her name, 4 full length and 6 others...I think. Holy crapola, people...this woman has credentials!
It is rare that we get a treat like this.
Here's what her Wikipedia entry says:
"Emma Louise Niblett (born 29 September 1973) is an English singer and songwriter, known by the pseudonym Scout Niblett. Her music is frequently minimalist in style, many of her songs consisting merely of vocals accompanied by either drums or guitar, which she mostly plays herself. Niblett's music is often compared to that of Cat Power and PJ Harvey and she is known for her intimate live shows and her blond wig while performing.[1] She is currently living in the United States, where she has worked with the influential recording engineer Steve Albini.

Niblett grew up in Nottingham, England and chose her stage name in honour of Jean Louise "Scout" Finch, the protagonist in Harper Lee's 1960 novel To Kill a Mockingbird.[1] She studied music and performance art at college, and also expresses an interest in astrology—explaining the title of her 2005 LP Kidnapped by Neptune, she says, "Neptune is this planet that everyone has in their chart. But for me, where Neptune is right now and has been for the past two years has been affecting my chart in a huge way. Neptune is kind of the musicians’ planet, it rules music."[2] She currently resides in Portland, OR."

"Scout Niblett records with Steve Albini, has toured with Cat Power, and reduces audiences around the world to jibbering wrecks with the sheer force of her performances. A pretty girl in a wig, playing the drums and singing so loudly and gleefully it sounds like her lungs might burst: 'It's all for you!' she yelps onstage, like a kid offering a present of slugs and petals and drawings. It's all for you!"
To read more of her bio on the Too Pure website...GO HERE!

This woman has a video with Will Oldham. Do you know what this means!? Bonnie Prince Billie himself! The video is below. Who is Will Oldham? Among other things, he recorded an entire album with Tortoise and on Johnny Cash's American III: Solitary Man (2000) included a recording of Will Oldham's "I See A Darkness" (from the album of the same name), for which Oldham provided background vocals. He is pretty serious company. This woman is going to SMOKE!!!

Kiss - Scout Niblett WITH WILL OLDHAM!!

Dinosaur Egg Live at Shepherd's Bush Empire- Scout Niblett

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Windsor Live Music: Thursday October 18th___Mobil (of Misinformants) - Dubphonics - Hip Hop - Detroit & (WH)Y.M.E.(??) & Perilelle feat. Sally Zori

OCTOBER 18th – Detroit vs. Windsor

Coming from nearby Eastern Market, Mobil is performing live, giving the audience a taste of what’s on his new mixtape Da Zone, a compilation of his best work to date featuring seasoned producers and emcees from the Metro-Detroit area. Ranging from subtly psychedelic to fluid vocal rhythms over both relaxed and punchy beats, Da Zone pumps out track after track of catchy rhymes. Button Pushin’ ft. Intricate Dialect drops a warm crunch-thump beneath Mobil’s personal and political lyrical flow. He makes a strong case for the flexibility of the genre: if you’re interested in new sounds and styles, come and check out Mobil’s fresh perspective on indie hip hop.
Last month at the Avalon, Mobil and Lordru spat Lost Love with Perilelle experimenting on the mic. Percussionist Sally Zori tore it up with her on the conga’s afterward, bringing a worldly texture to the heavy bass of Perilelle’s self-produced trip hop. Together once again, this enchanting duo will consume you with unique and sultry sounds reminiscent of early Esthero and Portishead.
and The Dubphonics are consciously pushing the emcee evolution. Since 2000 MC champ SubverseMeel Tickit have been wrapping tight lyrics around DJ Claymore’s precise cuts and chops. The Dubphonics are passionate indie artists to support and keep an ear on: they’ve shared the stage with Souls of Mischief, Phife Dawg, Kool Keith and DJ Premier, to name a few. “We make hip hop to honour our influences… but we never lose sight of the innovative spirit that drove our influences to such creative peaks.” – Subverse
This summer’s releases of their mixtape You Look Ready and the full-length Viola Liuzzo on Rare Phorm Records are outstanding productions of intelligent vocal presence, adding an undeniably heavy counterweight to the mainstream’s self-inflated lyrics about money and fame.
(wh)y.m.e.(??) opened for the Dubphonics at the DEMF after party at Milk last May, so a reunion is in order. Harvesting the F.A.M. Festival’s creator and coordinator always delivers intricate house-inspired beats and will be opening the show. Watch out for a comic book release and all the fun F.A.M. parties that this young artistic philanthropist will be throwing down.

Monday, October 15, 2007

The Boss plays with, and covers, Arcade Fire!

These vids are pretty sweet.
Surreal almost.
Keep The Car Running

State Trooper

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Windsor Live Music: Ron Leary RETURNS!! With Royal Wood and Dean Drouillard!

This Friday October 12th:
Not only have we been craving Ron Leary back from his long Canadian tour...but we also get to see two more jewels of Canadian music playing with him...Royal Wood (Toronto) and Windsor's own Dean Drouillard.
This is going to be one hell of a night with a beautiful arrangement of music from this talented trio.

Windsor Live Music: Final Fantasy and Basia Bulat tonight @ Phog

Everyone who bought a ticket, this is a reminder that the show is tonight.
The show is sold out. If you plan on seeing the whole show, I recommend showing up closer to 9 or 9:30pm.

We are still unsure of the exact start time, but you can bet on a 10pm start, or somewhere in that ballpark.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Windsor Live Music: The Cape May (Calgary) wsg Jon McKiel (Halifax) & What Seas, What Shores are going to destroy on Tuesday October 9th!

Holy Crap! The Cape May (Calgary) is coming Tuesday.
They're bringing Jon McKiel's band (Halifax) and they're welcoming What Seas, What Shores to play with them. A perfect fit. For a band bio of The Cape May, click HERE.

The Cape May have played with Grizzly Bear, Patrick Watson, The Constantines, and The Weakerthans. Nuts!
Above: The Cape May
The Cape May played Phog a long time ago, and ever since that Sunday night show, with only 20 people present, they unleashed a deluge of incredible style and music onto the generally unsuspecting crowd.

I have been asking them to come back, roughly every six months, because they were one of my favourite bands over the past three years.

If I had the opportunity, I would not hesitate to book them for the P.A. Music Festival. They are an amazing representation of how strong the music scene is in the West.
Above: Jon McKiel

For some reviews of The Cape May, hit some of these links below.
Anti-Music's Review
Plug In Music Review
Delusions of Adequacy Review

Friday, October 05, 2007

Final Fantasy and Basia Bulat play OCTOBER 11th!!!!!!!

I keep hearing from people who tell me that Basia's website has a different date on it than the one I have on my calendar.
Her website is going to be changed soon, as it is wrong.
They will be playing here October 11th, as scheduled.

Also, Rock Plaza Cental plays tonight (Friday). With two bands boasting 6 or more members, it is going to be amazing.

Windsor Live Music: Rock Plaza Central are special guests on CBC Radio 3 TV!!!

The R3-TV (CBC Radio 3 TV) weekly podcasts have been incredible.
Another great source of Canadian indie music with a fun, quirky, contemporary twist.

Last week's episode was titled "The Sleepover", and the special guests were Rock Plaza Central!! They're playing Phog Friday October 5th!
Check out the clip below, and you'll likely want to catch all the episodes weekly on
There's also a Rock Plaza Central video in this clip!

Rock Plaza Central Story...they play Phog Friday October 5th

From Now Magazine:

They're one of the city's most rambunctious, engaging live bands, their latest album is an orch-folk gem, and online indie tastemakers from the wankers at Pitchfork to blogger BrooklynVegan harbour boy-crushes on the group, but in the 12 or so years of their existence, Rock Plaza Central have never held a band practice.

Okay, technically the Torontonian psych-folk freaks have rocked through one official practice. According to band myth, the milestone happened midway through 2003, shortly after the formerly amorphous outfit settled into six-sevenths of its current lineup and shortly before they recorded their first album.

Nobody remembers what happened at the jam, but it doesn't really matter. Formal practice runs counter to RPC's prevailing ethos of serendipitous inspiration and sudden, exhilarating tangents.

"Nearly four years later, we're still just getting to know one another, really," explains Rob Carson, who handles banjo, trombone and guitar duties. "All seven of us have only had that one rehearsal, cuz we just play live. We'd book a show at the Tranzac once a month and Chris'd say, 'Here's a new song,' and we'd just play it.

"It means every time feels just like the first time, like we keep replicating this idea of coming together fresh and new and letting music happen from there."

Five minutes into a conversation with Carson, drummer Blake Howard and vocalist/guitarist/songwriter Chris Eaton, who founded the band, you totally get how their approach works.

It's a drowsy Sunday morning in Parkdale and the caffeine hasn't hit our synapses yet, but the three dudes are shooting ideas across the café table like faulty cap guns.

Snap! A list of all the references to robot horses that have galloped into their collective psyche since Rock Plaza Central released their robot-horse-themed concept album Are We Not Horses (Outside) last fall: He-Man, BraveStarr, Yul Brynner's Westworld, Dutch artists, American military films, bad online artwork.

Snap! A negative review from a San Diego critic accusing RPC of having no emotional depth becomes a discussion about the zoo and Three's Company.

Snap! A treatise on William Blake, the Chrysalids and similar 1950s sci-fi books, Italian Futurists, Canadian painter Alex Colville.

"This is what being in this band is like," Eaton interrupts, laughing. "One tangent after another. If you actually have any questions, you can try to ask them at any point."

Why fight it? The allure of Rock Plaza Central is winding them up and watching them go.

The reason this works in conversation is cuz they're all idea-driven super-geeks (Carson is an English professor, Eaton is a well-reviewed novelist) who thrive on esoteric debate. And though the unstructured looseness could signal disaster for most bands, the reason it works for RPC onstage and in the studio has a lot to do with experience, talent, ties to the local improv jazz scene (Howard plays with Dave Clark's no-holds-barred Woodchoppers Orchestra, for example), chemistry and beer.

"There have been shows in the front room of the Tranzac where we'd play for pretty much nobody," Carson recalls. "And we would drink a lot. There was one night when Don Murray (who plays mandolin and trumpet) spilled more beer than I'd normally drink in a night. We were so used to playing for hours at the Tranzac and drinking so much that if you had to pee you'd just get up in the middle of a song and go. There were enough of us that you could lose somebody and the rest would just cover. But I think there was a song where all seven of us peed."

Those days are likely behind them. Since the Canadian release of Are We Not Horses in September 06, RPC have been on a steady climb out of the tiny Tranzac front room onto much bigger stages. U.S. indie Yep Roc signed them stateside. A bizarro twangified cover of Justin Timberlake's SexyBack, commissioned for a podcast by webzine Cokemachineglow, became an Internet phenomenon.

All of a sudden, the band Eaton started over a decade ago as a casual solo project that included anyone else he happened to invite onstage found bloggers feverishly announcing their "U.S. tour" (at the time, it consisted of two dates) and bookers soliciting them for gigs.

At a recent Williamsburg show, they were shocked to hear the sold-out house singing along to their rickety folk-rock tunes, despite the fact that Are We Not Horses has yet to be officially released in the States.

"It was completely bananas," Howard begins. "In Williamsburg, they wouldn't let us leave the stage and wanted Chris to barf on them… and marry them."

Carson continues. "I was eavesdropping outside that Brooklyn show and heard rampant speculation, things like 'I wonder if they can live up to the hype?'"

"'I hear the singer is 8 feet tall!'" Eaton crows.

"'He has 13 fingers! He has laser vision,'" adds Howard.

"Since then, I've heard even more things about that show," Eaton adds. "Apparently, there were sparks coming out of my armpits. They were concerned for me."

An appropriate affliction for a man who managed to translate a garbled lyric about excellent steel horses into a full metaphor-dense concept album about a post-apocalyptic world in which angels have been banished from earth and six-legged mechanical equine beings battle and make sweet love with the lights out.

Considering the current trendiness of all things freak-folk, it's not surprising that people are glomming on to RPC's fiddle- and banjo-enhanced rustic orchestra right now. Beyond au courant genres, though, what makes Are We Not Horses so interesting artistically is the levels of contrast on the album.

There's a neat dissonance between Eaton's arcane visions of a weird techno future (the references to 50s sci-fi writers like John Wyndham in our conversation make total sense) and the organic, acoustic feel of the songs, between the grim doomsday themes and peppy, upbeat melodies. We're talking about an album that features a shouty children's choir on a jazzy song about going gently into that good night.

Eaton says that contrast was a conscious choice.

"This album was supposed to be our happy album, and I think it is – at least the tone of it is. But there's certainly a lot of darkness. I don't think one or the other is very interesting on its own. If you have a really happy record with happy lyrics, it gets saccharin and boring. Same with, 'Oh no, here's my sad song,'" he says, making an exaggerated emo-boy frowny face. "I do think there's a lot of stuff on the last album where even if it sounds sad, the lyrics can be pretty positive. Those combinations are really exciting and interesting to me."

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Windsor Live Music: The Details (Winnipeg) wsg Michou and Leighton Bain

The Details from Winnipeg arte playing Phog Tuesday October 2nd!

They play with Michou and Leighton Bain, who are a nice addition and compliment to the music of The Details.

What do they sound like?
According to their website,"driving guitars, catchy melodies, soaring harmonies with keyboards, electronic programming, glockenspiel, ebows & capos all wrapped up in three and a half minute pop songs."

Who are they?
According to their website, "Since forming at the end of 2005, Winnipeg's The Details have hardly gone a day without seeing each other. The Details have quickly established themselves as a hard-working band by releasing their E.P. "Marching Sound" in November 2006 and are set to release their full-length "Draw a Distance. Draw a Border." in September 2007. The Details, not content to sit around, have played at the 2006 Western Canadian Music Awards, Canadian Music Week 2007, New Music West 2007, and North By Northeast 2007. Much Music also graced the streets of Winnipeg in May and conducted an interview with The Details which recently aired nationally in June. Having traveled the snowy highways of Canada on two winter tours, The Details spent July traveling from Vancouver to Halifax, and are now looking forward to doing it all again in October."


Yes, the P.A. Music Festival went as planned...
The movement between buildings was astounding, with people on the move from the word "go".
Last year, people cemented themselves and didn't go anywhere. This year, people went from venue to venue as if the two buildings were attached.
The entire point of the festival, the goal to introduce people to both venues, was a large success.

I could not be happier with the turnout, unless of course, we had publicized it earlier, and maybe got some more bodies out on the Saturday night...

Considering the parameters, Tony and I understand the achievement reached this weekend, and we want to thank ALL OF YOU who came and played, watched, or helped spread the word about the festival.

And now some photos...