Sunday, December 24, 2006


Yes, we're going to be open every merry day of the holiday.
Our hours will be a little less defined.
We'll open at 9ish tonight, and 9ish on Boxing Day. But the holiday is full of "ish-es", with no one's schedule running according to plan.
We all feel a little happy-ish, and we feel a bit family-ish, and we look forward to getting tipsy-ish after the happy-ish family-ish-ness finally-ish gets over-ish.

As Frank and I will be torn from our families on these days, we will be at our posts, prepared to make your holiday that much better...ish.
Come and laugh with us and all of the out-of-towner, Windsor-deserters who return every holiday to pretend they love this town. Let's show them how we've been living it up without them!
Ah, I just made myself laugh with that one...just kidding Exports...we love to have you back in town.

Happy Holidays from Phog.
Enjoy these images of children scared by some pretty scary Santas.

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Original Gifts Galore at Phog Holiday Art Sale

It is time for T-Shirts again.
It's not the season to be wearing them outside so much, but it is a chance to get your hands on a unique Christmas gift.
I have made a call to all artists to bring in ANY KIND of artwork and adorn the walls of Phog with it in hopes of making Christmas gift sales.
You see, finding an original gift isn't so easy, but when you can browse the now-smoke-free Phog Gallery, you are likely to find more than one object you'd love to put under the tree this year.

Not only is this a call to buyers, but this is an ongoing call to all artists to bring in artwork to sell over the holiday.
The show runs from today December 16th until the end of the month.
BUT...if you want something to sell for a Christmas gift, you only have 9 days of hanging time to do it. BRING IN YOUR STUFF!

I have put an emphasis, in the past, on t-shirts but I am extending it outward to print works of all kinds, photography, and any general, "hangable" art.

Just haul it down to Phog Lounge (157 University Ave. W.) and ask for Tom. The artwork must have a cash & carry price on it, so set those before coming downtown. We want people to be able to buy their gift, take it down, and wrap it up that night, if need be.

ANYONE CAN BRING IN ART. IF YOU ARE NOT A PHOG REGULAR, IT DOES NOT MATTER. Come and make our building more interesting.

Happy Holidays

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Windsor Live Music: The Nein (Durham, NC) wsg Perilelle at Phog Thursday

Here's how The Nein has been described in the press...

“It’s hard to describe the Nein without making them sound like one of those bands that sound like all of those bands. They reference Gang of Four, but in an organic, learned way; and they use funk and skronking noise without being overly “dance punk”-y. It works.” – Seattle Weekly

“Although the results loosely conforms to the current dance-rock vogue, The Nein has substantially more of the anarchic spirit of that style’s British post-punk inspirations, notable the Fall and the Pop Group.” – Mark Jenkins, Washington Post

This Durham, North Carolina band will be playing with Steph Copeland (and Eric), this Thursday.
Incredible band.
They're on Sonic Unyon Records. 'Nuff said.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Ransom Movie Night Every Sunday

Frank will be entertaining you with movies every Sunday, as we used to do on a regular basis, until the band booking over-ran Phog.

The first movie, this Sunday, will be Airplane. So dumb it's funny. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar stars, so it's cool with me too. Leslie Neilson also kills in this flying nightmare.

Just thought I'd give you another look of a potential facial hair disgrace that I'm sure Frank would have approved of too...I think I look like Tom from RUn Chico Run when he went to the moustachio...

Friday, December 01, 2006

This is what Frank wants...

He tried to convince me to wear this facial hair.
This is what Frank thinks is appropriate for me.
He thinks I should look like an extra in a Brian Bosworth film.
Although it makes for a fun photo, it ends there.
He also thinks everyone should wear their underwear on the outside.

Leg Kicks for ROCK!

When Nassau comes to play, you need to have Robert-Pollard-like kicks at the ready!
This is my nest impression of the Guided By Voices frontman, and I hope Joh from Nassau appreciates my effort.
They were truly a delight to host! Amazing music.


and another,

Oh, and keep your eyes peeled for earlier start times for shows.